Remember when sitcoms were funny? Just flat out funny, without sex, politics, race baiting, or gender identity issues, and we could all just for thirty minutes… laugh?


The main character is Dick Loudon, and he along with his wife Joanna, run a two hundred year old inn outside a small town in Vermont. Dick is the only normal person on the show and while he tries to navigate through a world that just does not quite add up, his wife is ever present, to help him function, in the mist of madness. She seems to be right at home there, he never does.

To this day I am terrified to go to the upper northeast and I’m not sure if I should blame Steven King or this damn show.

Dick had a maid who had no idea or inclination of how to be a maid. He also had a handyman who was not quite able to fix anything, a boss who had no idea of how to produce Dick’s show. And on and on and on… Three brothers, Larry, Darryl and Darryl would come out of the woods and make as much sense as anyone on the show. Darryl never talked, but using Larry as an interpreter, had plenty to say.

I swear, I believe we are all part of a nineteen eighties sitcom.

I’m Dick.

I know what you’re thinking and go ahead, get it out of your system.

You see, that’s how that show worked, week after week, Dick was ridiculed by everyone else. Sometimes that is how I feel in this world. Week after week, Dick would struggle  against the lunacy and nothing changed.

Dick would have been much happier if he had just adapted to the new norm, but he didn’t have the ability to not be himself.

So, what lunacy are you struggling with Wayne?


ESPN has taken an announcer off a football game that Virginia is playing in because his name is Lee. Lee isn’t a distant descendant of an old civil war general, cause this Lee is Asian American. Whut?

Yeppers, I’m pretty sure that most of the Asians were still in crates, ready to start working on the Trans Atlantic Railroad while that there other Lee was a fighting for the South.

University of Texas just took down four statues a few days ago and apparently you can’t even save the statue of the son of a confederate general , even if that son turns out to be the first native born governor of Texas.

I hope like hell that I don’t get black balled down at the American Legion just because I have the same last name as a confederate general, damn, just damn. I can’t even go by my moms maiden name cause that was the confederates only president’s name, double damn. 

I just had a Larry, Darryl and Darryl moment….

Well, anyway, I don’t have the ability to be anything other than myself, so just maybe some morning I will wake up, roll over and say something like, ” Honey, wake up,you won’t believe the dream I just had. Nothing made sense.”

…. that really is the only logical answer.



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