Almost every time I sit down here anymore,” I wish”, are the first two words that scream from deep inside. I can’t take social media anymore. I can’t take all the dishonesty. I can’t take the hate. Even with the low expectations that I place on others, I am constantly surprised at how little it takes to anger otherwise perfectly nice folks that you might even hold hands with in church on Sunday.

I wish are always the first two words but there are others, but now is not the time for those words. 

I started this blog for a couple of reasons, two actually…. to leave a little piece of me behind, and to reason things through. I understand that there will never be many “Blue Moon Wayne” followers, and that is most likely a very good thing. Honestly, I would worry about anybody that placed too much weight behind half the stuff that comes out of me.

But what about the other half?

Back to why I blog.

I want my family to know me. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I wish I knew more about so many that have gone on before me. I hope that I will leave my humor, my personality and my views on life behind…. and I hope I lose control of my motorcycle in a curve at the ripe old age of one hundred, because I want to die with my boots on, but not any time soon!

Before my daughter helped me set up this blog, I wrote stuff down on paper and on my tablet. I have always written things down, to better understand whatever it is at the moment that I am trying to deal with.

That’s what I’m doing now, trying to understand, and I can’t. I can’t come up with a solution that works. 

I wish….

There are too many things happening too fast, and life is moving at video game pace, and I’m certain that life was not meant to be lived this way.

There is a song that I always liked when I was very young and I don’t know why.

I think about it quite a bit now however…. “Can’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore.”

This world is not my home. I hope that I am never comfortable in this cesspool that most of the world holds dear.

But I wish.

I wish that love was so strong that nobody would ever drive a car into a large crowd of people just to kill and maim. I will never get that out of my mind until the day that I die. The first report did not blur anything out and it was horrible.


I wish that one group’s happiness did not depend on the misery of another group.


I wish that honesty was more prevalent.


I wish that the strong did not prey on the weak.

I wish Jesus….

I wish.



One thought on “My Heart

  1. Grrrrr. I wrote out this super long comment and then it went away.

    Facebook is so inauthentic. We aren’t meant to know people well enough to not like them so much. Normally, you only get to know people that well by living with them or vacationing with them. Facebook is like an all expense paid vacation to Scary Island.

    Your family loves you. You’re our hero. That’s all that matters.

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